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Sweaty is also used to describe a person who is way into something with intensity. Whatever the person is doing, if they are balls deep into the game then they are a sweaty fucker. Another word for a Try-Hard. Sweats constantly try to excel past their expectations, when in reality they always fall short. They constantly fail at achieving their goals to the point that they're sweaty and angry. That's why they're called sweats. They always try and win. Whenever they play with others for fun they always try to win like there is money on the line. Someone who does something 24/7 usually play a video game to get better and better, to become a Tryhard. They do not need to take showers because they use their own sweat to continue to play. Symtoms of a sweat are: Wiping your sweat off your forehead or arm pits while playing, not moving from your chair in 10 hours of playing, drinking a ton. A person who can play one game consistently for at least 60 mins.

Adjective that was created by Jon Schnepp that describes someone who takes on the geek culture and loves everything about it and can talk about geek stuff for hours. A game played when a group of men jerk off in a circle formation onto a biscuit later referred to as the “jizzcuit” and the last one to finish consumes the snack. What does Sweaty mean in Urban Dictionary?: Usually a fatty who shows a lot of cleavage, they give up the dome for the slightest compliment I.E. your cute, sexy, look good etc.since they like to eat.

Kevin Martinez Garcia, person who's feet are so sweaty they must walk like a slug in slow pace motion while leaving a trail of sweat and residue wherever they travel. What does Sweaty Tryhard mean in Urban Dictionary?: A gamer which takes game titles far too really, as though $1 million are on the line. The term comes from. What does Sweaty Gorilla mean in Urban Dictionary?: whenever some guy busts a nut in a girls face, after that rips down their pubes and throws them at the girl.

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